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Through our advocacy activities, we aim to increase the awareness of gender equality and promote justice and universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


Violence Against Women – Zonta Says No!

Zonta Clubs around the world unite for 16 Days of Activism, 25 November to 10 December each year, to highlight the Zonta International Campaign to eliminate violence against women and girls. 

Since 2014, the Zonta Club of Singapore has held an annual forum in line with Zonta International’s theme of “Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women (VAW)”:
2014 – “Creating a Safe Space: At Home, in the Community and Cyberspace”
2015 – “Band Against Bullying”
2016 – “Mind your Head: Mental Wellness and Resilience in Youths”
2017 – “The Bystander Revolution – How to be an Upstander”
2019 - “Gotta Catch’Em All: The Good, Bad & Ugly”, with a focus on bullying and body image. 
2020 - Mind Your Mind: Coping with mental wellness during the pandemic.

2021 - The Power of Choice: Owning the power to choose.

In 2022, to spread awareness of our cause, we enrolled the help of organisations and individuals to buy and wear our trademark orange tee-shirts on social media. A K-pop fitness workout was also organised for teenagers to highlight that a strong body leads to a strong mind.  

Other Activities

8th March is International Women's Day and it is an important day for us as it is devoted to celebrating the achievements of women and seeking gender equality.

Through the years, we have marked this important day in various ways.

For IWD 2021, we celebrated women in sports by interviewing several sportswomen to learn more journey to success.

Watch interviews: 

Christine Amour-Levar, founder of Women on a Mission and HER Planet Earth non-governmental organisations;

Theresa Goh, Paralympic swimmer and role model for youths

For IWD 2022, we we asked two of our Project Pari PLUS alumni to tell us who inspires them.

Watch videos:





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