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Our Flagship Service Project


Project Pari was set up by the Zonta Club of Singapore in 2008 with a mission to inspire and enable young women from lower-income families to attain a positive outlook of the future and to become responsible contributors to society. The Project provides the means and opportunities for them to gain confidence and capability to realize their potential.

The Project Pari Fund  is a charity with Institution of Public Character Status (IPC) status.  


I love to see a young girl go out and grab life by the lapels.” – MAYA ANGELOU

Project Pari is open to teenage girls of all races and religions. We select candidates in close collaboration with the schools based on the student’s financial background, positive attitude and willingness to learn.
Since 2008, we have helped more than 230 teenage girls from 14 secondary schools, providing them with financial assistance and learning opportunities beyond school studies, such as life skills workshops and personal enrichment activities.

In 2020, through a new extended program, Project Pari PLUS, we continued our engagement with the graduating cohort and alumni of Project Pari when they are in tertiary institutions.


  • Annual life-skills workshops teaching self-awareness, confidence and effective communication.

  • Annual visits to places of interests as well as activities like races that incorporate not only the fun factor but also life lessons in building team spirit and tenacity in challenging conditions.

  • Participation at Zonta Club of Singapore’s annual “Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women” event that highlights issues of violence against women and youths, bullying, mental wellness and resilience in our youths etc.

  • Unique opportunities to engage corporations on leadership and motivational activities, as well as exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

  • Training opportunities and work attachments with corporations.

  • Physical activities that build up confidence and broaden perspectives, e.g. dance classes and self-defence demos.



Each PROJECT PARI awardee receives S$75 while a Project Pari PLUS awardee receives $100 in pocket money every month to cover basic expense like meals and transport, and this assistance lasts throughout their Secondary School and Tertiary education.

Our members and volunteers give their time and talent to impart life-skills to the girls or assist in facilitating workshops and activities.

Why not join us in giving these girls a hand up?

You can:

  • Be a Donor: Just $800 will help one girl for a full year. You can choose to support these girls for one or all the years of their Secondary School education.

  • Donations can be made through

  • As the Project Pari Fund has an Institute of Public Character (IPC) status, tax-deductible donation receipts are issued for donations of $50 and above.


  • Be a Volunteer: Support and inspire the girls with your experience and presence.


“I am grateful for the award you have given me. This has motivated me to work even harder to score better results, especially in this year’s ‘O’ levels. Since my family is not very well off, I believe this sum of money will help in paying some of my school expenses. No words can express my gratitude…Thank you!”


“Thank you so much for the award. I really feel that this award is a form of recognition, I will continue to work hard and do well to help others in future. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.”


“Thank you for bringing in people to talk to us and give us advice. I heed most of the advice and it really works. I have learned a lot from the workshops: dining etiquette, daily hygiene practices and much more. I want to thank all the Zontians for making these things happen.”


“Thank you for the sponsorship and the workshops that you have organized these four years. I have been able to attend courses that are very useful and been to places that I might not have the chance to, such as the Singapore Flyer. I’ve benefitted a lot from it.”


“Thank you for putting in so much effort. The programs are really engaging. I have had a fruitful time learning, especially at one workshop where the facilitators had a lot to teach us. I will always remember to ‘love myself’ no matter what.”

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