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Our flagship service initiative, Project Pari was established in 2008 with a mission to inspire and enable young women from lower-income families to attain a positive outlook of the future and to become responsible contributors to society.

The Project provides the means and opportunities for them to gain confidence and capability to realize their potential.


Each PROJECT PARI awardee receives S$75 while a Project Pari PLUS awardee receives $100 in pocket money every month to cover basic expense like meals and transport, and this assistance lasts throughout their Secondary School and Tertiary education.

Just $800 will help one girl for a full year. You can choose to support these girls for one or all the years of their Secondary School education.

Donations can be made via


The Project Pari Fund  is a charity with Institution of Public Character Status (IPC) status. Donations above $50 are entitled to tax deductible donation receipts. 

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